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9 Tips to Plan Your Holiday Decorating Project

We know the holiday shopping season may not be in full swing yet, but it’s high time you start preparing. The steps you take today will determine whether or not your business will thrive during the Christmas season.

Whether you want to provide your customers or visitors with the latest custom designed holiday decor, or dazzle yourself like the Griswold Family; the season will absolutely sparkle brighter for everyone this year.

We have put together this handy list of 9 useful tips and tricks to help you order and set up your Commercial Christmas Displays as you head into the most busy, yet heart-warming season of the year.

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We list this as the number one tip for planning any Christmas displays, both residential and commercial. Often people set a budget down the line after looking at options and exploring ideas. With a combined over 30 years of professional holiday decorating amongst the VisiDream founders, we know that having a budget makes planning much easier. This saves yourself, your bosses, and your installers a ton of time, and in the end, also saves everyone money. 

Without a budget, in place, your decorator and or planner may waste time preparing a proposal that would never be in the same ballpark of what you’re able to spend this year on attracting new guests to your venue with holiday lighting displays. What good does it do for anyone to not set an approved budget? Christmas light installation companies aren’t car salesman, their job is to make your property look amazing and help you create your wonderland within your budget. 

Real-life example: A client was looking to decorate a large property that had never been decorated for any holiday before. By their own words, they wanted the entire property covered and have everything oversized and attention-grabbing to people driving by in their vehicles and they “didn’t really have a budget.” The client wanted to decorate over 20 acres. 

We spent the next 2 and a half weeks of planning, creating layouts, images, products, etc. Our 7 figure plan finally revealed their true budget of $50,000. Because of these wasted weeks and time, the project was held up for almost an additional month, which would have been avoided in the beginning if an honest budget was revealed. In the end we came in under budget and gave them a dazzling first-year display (with a mix of purchases and leases) and helped them plan out adding each year to their display so that they could stay on budget and grow to their dream Christmas display.


All too often, the lighting design scheme of a space is left as an afterthought, at a stage in the project when it is often too late to incorporate certain fixtures and fittings without a great deal of disruption and extra expense.

The key to getting the perfect scheme is to plan early!

The second order of business is finding out what you want to do, where and when you want to do it.

Have you got it figured out yet?


Are you a property manager, festival director or a theme park coordinator looking to bring to life an immersive holiday experience for your guests?

When first starting out planning your holiday display or planning additions to your display, picking a theme will help you and your team with how to proceed in planning and ordering products. 

When setting a theme it doesn’t mean your entire property has to look the same or have a very narrow theme. We recommend first deciding on the overall theme for the properties display, such as traditional, classical, bright and vibrant colored, or retro. These theme buckets help bring your entire display together even if you have different concepts and narrower themes in portions of your display. 

For example, if you want an overall retro theme you would focus more on blow molds, larger multi-colored lights and classic Christmas scenes, rather than on elegant gold trim modern Christmas trees.

Real-life example: A client was planning a large display at their shopping mall. As they have many clients that lease space from them and a large area to cover they wanted different scenes and displays in different areas. We helped them establish an overall theme of “giving” with theme colors of red and white worked into each of the sections bringing the entire property together as a whole, even with completely separate scenes. With lots of oversized ornaments and presents, the end display was breathtaking and cohesive throughout the entire property.

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Deciding on your lighting scheme is an essential part of a design process because it needs to be carefully thought out and detailed. Will your guests easily understand the route to walk through or drive through your Christmas display or will it be more of a scavenger hunt with confused people walking around finding random decor on your property?

VisiDream is famous throughout the industry for its uniqueness and for providing professional-quality lighting products. We use only the highest-grade components, and we sure know how to plan the perfect lighting blueprint for you! If you are unsure about what you want or you need a little guidance on what would work best, you can always rely on us.

We’re only one phone call away!


Before stringing lights all over the place, stop for a moment. You need a lighting plan! A lighting plan could also be called an installation map outlining when in the installation phase each item should be installed.

This could be in sections where you have your crews decorate one space at a time, or more often a phased installation plan. With phases you can being to decorate and setting up decor first with items that do not really stand out and grab attention first, like hanging led Christmas lights, decorating existing trees, etc without lighting them for the public yet. Then move into setting up all the larger jaw dropping decor in certain areas and completing and testing each section before moving to the next.

If you don’t have one already, we would love to discuss our ideas with you. 

Our team of professionals can come and put your lights up for you as well. Commercial Christmas Lights are an easy way to make the experience more fun - a beautiful way of letting your visitors know that you bring joy, even when the holidays are over!


If you want to come up with something extra special for your guests, you can always consider flashing your lights to the tunes of some great music. And we aren't talking about blinking different strands hooked up to a little box you buy from a local hardware store. We are talking about programming each and every single light to be on, off, or a certain color at each section of the music. Like with our PixiPan trees.

Sounds interesting?

Give us a call to make a plan and get the right equipment for your light show set up ASAP!

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Understanding how much electricity Christmas lights use, helps you to plan which ones will work best with your space and better anticipate your power bill charges. 

Your display size and choice of bulbs, whether incandescent or LED, will influence your energy bill the most and how many sets of lights can be used on one circuit.

In case you’re wondering, there are additional ways to reduce energy consumption each season. Like utilizing pixel lighting, programming lights to come on and off at certain times of the day, only displaying full blown light shows every 30 minutes for 3 hours a day, or a few examples.

Real-life example: A client who purchased one of our animated Christmas trees and had us install it wanted the light show and music, but did not want it on all day or on too often. We set them up to have a full blown music show that lasted about 30 minutes play, then stop for a half hour and play again over the course of 3 hours. The rest of the time the tree was still lit and displaying their scrolling logo however was not playing music etc during the rest of the day.


You need to order your decor and your installation supplies before the actual season or simply put, you won't have any. 

Larger oversized decor items should be ordered before the end of June at the very latest to have guarantee delivery for your Christmas decorating. And there are typically sales for ordering even earlier.  Don't forget you will also need attachments, wiring, control boxes, extra lights, etc.

Shopping for Christmas displays installation supplies? VisiDream is pleased to be a 
leading provider of a diverse reservoir that will make this season more delightful.

Transacting with Visidream, it will be uncomplicated for you to find what you need to decorate your space and amaze your visitors.

We brought together professional installation companies for celebrations such as: Christmas, Halloween, weddings and other occasions to design, and offer top quality Commercial Christmas decorations for shopping malls, cities and other spaces that one may want to sparkle up.

In regards to our lengthy resume of years of experience on design and constructing installation, we can catch sight of the gaps in the field... what  people are craving for in decor.

Not sure which product to order from home?

Make sure you browse our Commercial Christmas Decorations and a variety of other ornaments to get a better idea.

Real-life example:
 A new client loved most of the items we included in our initial design proposal. Our point of contact wanted the majority of the items but the budget was being held up with delays in their executive meetings. We went back and forth stressing that we needed time to manufacture and design their decorations if we were going to be able to install them for the Black Friday kick off. In the end the executive team approved the entire proposal and made a deposit; but at the end of September! We advised them the decorations wouldn't be ready to install until the first week of December. They were fine with the stipulation but learned the hard way the importance of ordering early, missing out on 2 weeks of attracting more customers to spend money at there stores.


Yes! Sometimes words fail to describe what you have in mind. So, you might as well get a little sketchy and create a drawing of what you’re dreaming up.

We sure love, and we are open to new ideas. So, if you have something new in mind, feel free to discuss it with us, and we will make sure to create an exceptional custom design that will surpass your expectations.

Remember our motto?

‘Dream It. Build It!’

Real-life example: A client with a commercial Christmas display wanted some additional Christmas motifs, also known as lighted self standing displays, while they ordered a bunch they also wanted to have a few custom pieces no one else in the world had like a snowman but a unique one. So we asked them to send us a sketch. We took their sketch and turned it into a self standing display with American steel and bright LED lights.


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