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Mall Christmas Decorations

It’s time for your shopping center to stand out during the holidays among a sea of retailers. Go viral with Christmas selfie stations and branded hashtags, be unique with animated Christmas trees, and hit on tradition with garland and Christmas lights, making your shopping center not just an inviting place to shop but a mandatory place to visit.

VisiDream brought together professional installation companies from Christmas, Halloween, and weddings and events together to design, build, and offer the best commercial Christmas decorations for shopping malls. With decades of installation experience with Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood Celebrities, Major League Sports stadiums, and shopping centers we know what is missing in the field, what people are craving for in decor, and what is needed from an installation viewpoint.

We only sell what we install and we create new items from special requests. 

When it comes to shopping centers, shopping malls, and lifestyle centers standing out from the competition around the holidays is a must to stay relevant and bring in as many shoppers for their stores as possible. While every mall has to have a Santa Mall Display that doesn’t mean yours has to look like every other mall Santa workshop across the country. Making sure that every child who waits in line to sit on the big guys lap is filled with awe and wonder and excitement from all the decorations and holiday decor while filling their parents heart and minds with nostalgia from Christmas past running down their stairs and ripping into their presents as their family gathers all around. When a shopping center management group pulls this off, it is a sure thing that people from all around will be lining up to visit your stores. 

VisiDream is far from average, and has a mission to stand out inside our industry as the most over the top and fun company to work with. Our suits and ties are ugly Christmas suits and ties and you often see us with flamethrowers and snow machines in our marketing videos. These work so well for us as we are the same fun individuals playing with Christmas lights even while not shooting videos.  While we can fully design your holiday wonderland for you from outside oversized decor to interior mall decorations we understand you may also just want to add a specific piece to your current display to put yours over the top like a Christmas selfie station or a giant animated holiday tree.

We are also proud that we are able to also offer leasing options for malls when needed. Teaming up with our installation crews also means that not only do we sell decorations for malls, lease commercial decor, decorate for the holidays, remove all your commercial decor, but we also can store your mall Christmas decorations throughout the year in one of our warehouses. 

LED Mega Bauble

$14,997.00 $17,599.00

LED 3D Arch Tree


YuleTide Christmas Selfie Station

$19,997.00 $33,089.00