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LED Christmas Lights

Christmas lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. You can decorate with Christmas lights all year round, for other holidays, for birthday parties, for special events, and used at camps, on porches, and in your back yard oasis. 

VisiDream offers professional-grade commercial Christmas lights for holiday light installers, Christmas light shows, and residential DIY Christmas decorators. It’s time to wow the neighborhood and steal all the decorating glory this year with brand new Christmas lights. 

We offer many types of Christmas light, Christmas bulbs, and Christmas light strings. The most popular Christmas lights across the country are C9 lights, C7 lights, and mini 5mm Christmas lights.

Christmas Light Frequently asked questions:

Where Can I use Christmas lights?

  • Commercial Christmas light installation projects
  • Retail Business locations
  • Parents Throwing Birthday parties
  • Milestone anniversary parties
  • Dorm room decorating
  • Bedroom Decorating
  • Homeowners decorating after Thanksgiving dinner
  • Christmas Decorations for cities
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Christmas trees
  • Bushes
  • Trees
  • Rooflines
  • Building a self-standing display

What is the difference Between C7 and C9 Christmas Lights?

C7 and C9 lights can both be used on rooflines and trees. The general rule of thumb is the further away the viewer is away from the lights the larger bulb that is required for visual pleasure. C9 lights and C7 lights we both developed by General Electric in the early 1900’s. The C in their name comes from the shape of the bulb which resembled a candle flame while the trailing number represented the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. C9 bulbs are larger than C7s and are preferred for second-story buildings and above while C7 lights are acceptable for the first floor decorating they are typically too small for the second floor and above decorating. C9 bulbs have an intermediate E17 base while C7 bulbs have a candelabra E12 base, so the sockets are not interchangeable between C9 and C7 bulbs.

What Happens When One Bulb Goes Out on my Christmas lights?

VisiDream Christmas lights are built to last for many seasons however if one bulb does burn out, the remaining lights should stay on and lit. With mini lights if you remove a bulb from the socket it will kill off the power supply to a number of lights however with the dead bulb in place all the other lights should remain on. With C9 and C7 bulbs removing a bulb does not affect power to the rest of the Christmas light string.  It should be noted that delaying replacement is not recommended and will cause the other Christmas lights to draw extra power which will increase the failure rate of the rest of the lights on the string.

Should I use incandescent or LED Christmas lights?

We always recommend decorating in LED or pixel lights. Incandescent lights should have stopped being used back in 2010. The costs of LED lights have dropped dramatically since there inception and the colors the throw no longer look strange. The LED lights look very similar to classical traditional colors people have come to expect for Christmas; however, they last longer, use less energy, and are brighter. We practice what we preach and do not sell the inferior incandescent Christmas lights.

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